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New Collection Amalfi Sundress
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Our Mission

Xanadu, is on a mission to elevate your everyday experiences through the artful hand picked exquisite accessories, fashion pieces and gifts. Immerse yourself in luxury with our mulberry silk collection, designed to enhance every aspect of your daily routine from restful sleep to transforming your haircare and pampering your skin. Our beautiful dresses are made from high quality fabric such as cotton & silk and designed for all occasions.
As gorgeous as you are!

Available in Ivory


Xanadu House of Fashion

Xanadu House of Fashion is a London based clothing and accessories brand, that represents sophistication and fashion. Offering stylish outfits, classic pieces & gifts. Discover our fashionable range of accessories, dresses and gifts. Luxury silk collections carefully designed to enhance your everyday beauty. From indulging in a restful sleep to transforming your haircare routine, and even pampering your skin effortlessly. Our collections, made from silk and cotton offer high quality and timeless elegance. As gorgeous as you are.

As gorgeous as you are

The new collection Amalfi